Roland MC-303

Manufacturer Name: Roland
Manufacturer Note:
Device Name: MC-303
Device Type: Synthetizer
Made In: Japan
Device Note:
Sysex Messages:


Type: All Data Dump (*)
Note: this is what i dumped from the mc303 i recentily bought. it may not be a perfect system initialzation but it is a full data dump want to make music email
Head: F0 7F 03 10 00 00 00 04 0D 01 00 0F F7 41 00
Uploader: charles.copp
Download: 1786.syx


Type: Single Patch Data Dump (*)
Note: TO TURN THE RX NOTE MESSAGE OFF mute note in on midi channel 1 if u need other channels let me know ;)
Head: F0 10 03 00 18 00 F7
Uploader: tama
Download: 1965.syx

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